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Club Infinity, Salt Lake City, UT

Utah’s non alcoholic non smoking dance club!

UVU (Orem, UT) – Ballet and Ballroom Dance Program

Utah Valley University’s Ballet, Ballroom, and Modern Dance Program and performances (see Performing Groups menu).


Website for information about Ballroom Dancing programs in Utah.

Classical Ballet Academy, Provo, Utah

Classical Ballet Academy

Dees Dances – Utahs Source for Single Adult Dances

Utah’s Source for Single Adult Dances (Aged 25+) – these are some of the better singles dances.

Wasatch Tango – Argentine Tango in the SLC area

information about Argentine Tango events in the Salt Lake City area. Practicas (practice sessions) are held every Wednesday, and classes are held on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Monthly dances are often held in conjunction with a lesson series with a guest i

Utah Rythm and Dance, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah Rhythm and Dance (URAD) is dedicated to bringing quality ballroom dance to the University of Utah. Competitive dancers will find the performance- and competition-oriented team to their liking. Those inclined to social dancing have a place in the info

University of Utah Swing Kids Dance Club, Salt Lake City, Utah

Find out about upcoming swing club events, where to dance, and other relevant information.

The Utah Lindy Hop Network

The Utah Lindy Hop Network is an organization dedicated to the promotion of Lindy Hop and other Swing Dances in Utah. Looking for more? Visit the new Utah Swing page! Also check out East Valley Ballroom in Arizona! Hey! What if I want to learn h