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Last minute Valentine’s Day Ideas from KUTV interview 02/13/2012
use “HEART” promotion code at redbox kiosk to get a free movie for Valentine’s night (do this early on Valentine’s Day, maybe before work, to have the best selection.http://www.facebook.com/redbox?sk=app_312310742149063
buy good quality, inexpensive roses at:

or Sam’s Club


Get take-out or make your valentine’s favorite meal at home to avoid the cost and crowds.

Print and personalize a Valentine’s Day Coupon Book

go to Crystal Hot Springs (north of Brigham City, Utah)
Valentines Dinner at Thanksgiving Point

Romantic Getaways such as Anniversary Inn

many of these will (I’m sure) not have any rooms available but you may be able to get on a cancellation list or try some of the less obvious ones on my web site.  (I could check on Sunday before the interview to see which ones may have rooms available)

Here’s the Anniversary Inn rooms that are available as of today (this link may not work you may have to click on February 14).


ALL: ask your Valentine what they would like, listen, and go for it. An inexpensive note with your sincere thoughts of love to your valentine can be one of the most cherished gifts.

Going out to dinner is a popular idea so the sooner the better and with a restaurant that takes reservations if you don’t want to wait. Some smartphone apps or web sites like


Let you see quickly what reservations are still available and make them in a few seconds.

You can also try citydeals.com or restaurant.com to get discounts on the check but call to make sure you aren’t surprised, in case they don’t accept discounts on valentine’s day. Groupon.com and livingsocial.com are having many valentine’s related deals.


http://www.citydeals.com/   (you can include printed out vouchers of these deals inside your Valentine’s Day card